Protect Whats Most Important

A balanced, nutritious diet is essential in keeping your pet healthy. However, pet owners are presented with an array of food options that claim to be the best. But wading through the choices can be a frustrating experience. Let’s look at the process of finding healthy products for your pet.

Determine the dietary needs of your pet

Your pet’s age, reproductive status, and activity level will determine the nutritional needs. A young pet requires more calories than an older pet. Similarly, a pregnant dog will need more calories than its neutered counterpart.

While most commercial pet food comes with minimum nutritional requirements, you should know that all pets are not the same. If your dog is heavier, you ought to cut the number of calories by 20%. Lower fat dog food has 8% fat, while a high-fat diet has 18% fat content. At Centinela Feed & Pet Supplies, the team will assist you with your pet’s food needs.

Read the labels

Some pet food labels can be misleading. The Food and Drug Administration requires pet food to meet the specific nutritional requirement. Some of the information to be included in the package includes the name, net weight of the product, address of the manufacturer, and list of ingredients. Such details are important to pets with specific dietary needs.

The label will show the amount of protein, fiber, and calories. Since it’s difficult for a manufacturer to base the amount to feed each pet, you should use the label as the basic guideline.

Decide whether you need dry or canned food

Choosing your pet canned or dry food is a matter of budget. Canned food is expensive and contains about 75% water. Be sure to get the actual percentage of proteins.

Talk to your veterinarian

If your pet has a specific health problem like diabetes, pancreatitis, kidney disease, or allergy, the veterinarian will advise on the best food for you. If you have concerns about your pet’s weight, don’t just give any food.

Complete and balanced

One thing you should pay attention to when choosing a pet food is the term formulated. It means that the food contains the minimum nutrients including, protein and fats. Keep in mind that the nutritional profile is a better tool to evaluate the product.

Don’t be fooled by advertisements

Some manufacturers include some pictures of cute dogs as a marketing gimmick. Others use terms like premium or natural.

Find the freshest package

Once you’ve selected a specific brand, you should ensure the food is fresh. Check the sell-by date before you take the bag home. Centinela Feed & Pet Supplies is a recognized store that sells fresh and nicely wrapped pet food to prevent moisture contamination.