Protect Whats Most Important

Despite the fact that it might very well be one of the simplest, most efficient and straightforward ways to build rapport between you and your clients. While it might seem like SMS is a bit outdated, with instant messaging apps getting so popular that they have replaced them completely; studies show that most people still use SMS messaging a lot in their daily lives.

However, what are some of the advantages of text messaging marketing campaigns in comparison with more traditional outlets ? Let’s study them:

Mobile friendly: Studies demonstrate that about 60% of worldwide Internet traffic comes from smartphones now. They have greatly surpassed computers as the way to stay online, and most people check their phones about 96 times a day on average. Keeping your business mobile friendly is very important in a world where more and more people use their smartphones to shop, browse the Internet and work.

Cost effective: It doesn’t cost a lot to send text messages to customers, and bulk sending text messages is not much more expensive than sending them to a single person. This makes text messaging one of the most cost friendly marketing options when compared to, for example, creating a Facebook advertisement campaign.

Better open rate than emails: While emails from businesses get discarded as “spam” right away most of the time, studies demonstrate that SMS get read up to 98% of the time, which is a stunning rate.

Creates a two way relationship: SMS marketing makes it so that you can send a bulk of text messages to your customers; but they can send you an SMS back if they have any questions or queries which makes it easy to establish a good client relationship.

Bulk messaging: SMS Marketing services allow you to set up a marketing campaign that will send a message to thousands of clients with just a single press of a button. This services are oftentimes really simple and intuitive to use, which poses an advantage against more complex systems such as Facebook ads.

Textedly: the SMS marketing service for you

This are just a few of the numerous advantages SMS marketing has when compared to more traditional methods. If you are sold and want to give it a try, use Textedly: we are one of the most professional SMS Marketing services. We keep it beginner friendly, and we allow you to create a massive campaign in just a few clicks !